When in China it’s hard to actually buy something made in China

November 26th, 2010 § 1 comment

Let me explain. When in America, you need to buy some sort of part, no problem, you go to a hardware store or somewhere and purchase said part.


Machine breaks. Needs a part. It’s a taper lock bushing. A semi common part. Dodge transmissions contain them, and also various other machines. In the States, it would take me probably an hour to locate one, if that. I could just go pick it up or order it online and have in within a day.

First of all China contains tons of factories, some make this part so you would think that this would be an easy thing to find and get. Ha, no. I found 5 manufacturers that make this part. This exact part. Also found some online retailers. All and I mean all didn’t have any or said that they would have to make them and there would be an minimum order. I can see this if I needed a ton of something. But I only need one part. I should also mention that the factory had been looking for almost a week and hadn’t got the job done. I help and in and less than an hour have the problem all but solved. Found manufacturers and retailers that didn’t have any. Again, someone probably didn’t want the machine fixed for some reason, oh wait, money.

So you can’t just go to a NAPA and pick up some parts. NAPA doesn’t exist, nor do parts stores. You might find a store that has a bunch of random parts but nothing like JC Whitney, Grainger, or another heavy equipment deal.

I’m not sure why it’s like this. All I can think of is a monopoly. I buy a machine or anything for that matter. It breaks down and now there is only one person that I can call. The person that sold me that machine. I could fix it myself but there is only one person that has the parts I need, yep that’s right, the guy who sold me the machine. They make more money. People in China are driven only be one thing. That is money. It’s all about money, and a lot less about doing the right thing and obeying the laws. Actually there aren’t really any laws. If there are laws they sure don’t follow them nor are they enforced.

So, right now we are looking for some parts for a machine. And rather then order the real thing we would like to get it cheaper in China. The problem is that even though they can and  are made in China, I bet no one will have them. If we want them we will have to place an order to have some made. No one keeps stock. It might be a law or something. But here in China, you can’t just buy one, where’s the money in that.

The real money comes from making you place an order, and then raising the price, then delaying it, then having a problem, then finally shipping it to you. It’s about the money you know.

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  • This is SO True. We had a broken shower head, so we thought, “No problem, we’ll just go buy a new one and replace it.” W-R-O-N-G. No, the whole stupid unit has to be replaced and it’s one of those dumb “how-many-shower-head-sprayers-can-we-make-one-person-use” kind. Welcome to China, lol.

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