The Frantic

September 26th, 2011 § 1 comment

My office was in a frantic today. A massive frantic frenzy of confusion and not knowing if the world was going to end. All because the internet is down. It’s actually quite wonderful to watch. I have the internet because I tethered to my iPhone. No one else really has the internet. Therefore they were in a mass state of unity trying to get it on and figure out the problem. I wish they only took that drive and actually applied it to their actual work.

I saw most of the office girls leave.They are probably too bored to work. Barely anyone here uses email. And the one girl that actually need to use qq for business left this morning because she needs the internet. But everyone else doesn’t really need it.But they can’t chat, steal plants, or browse the latest Taobao offerings. I suppose that was too much not to have so they left.

This is China. A place where most everyone tries their hardest not to work. They mask it by saying they are super busy. Then the internet goes down and they have nothing to do but work. They then might do something for an hour or two but then ultimately leave and go home. No wonder if everyone had 1/10 of my productivity we would have the greatest factory in China. But no one does, so…. uh.. yeah.

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