Uh, sure you must of heard me wrong. I’ll let this one slide.

November 29th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

Tales from the manufacturing floor so to speak. Well today I heard something interesting that a buddy of mine had happen. He had told the Engineering dept/one dude, that he needed to revise some drawings for a widget. This widget was costing too much to make and needed to have a couple things removed. Now, he told this engineering guy to take out four holes from the center of the hole pattern. There are 16 holes total in two places. 8 on each side. So he told the guy to take two from each side, from the inside of the widget. So the middle four, two from each side, where removed.

He checked the drawings today and low and behold, the outside four where gone. Two from each side. The exact opposite of what was instructed.

People, this is a true story.

At least they didn’t start manufacturing with the new CAD drawing and was at least caught before they wasted a bunch of widget material and thousands of dollars. Some revisions and problems aren’t so lucky.

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