Line up please

October 27th, 2011 § 0 comments

This is what the line outside of McDonald’s looks like.

McDonald's Line


I was going to enjoy some Oreo goodness until a swarm of Chinese people lined up. Yep, I’m included everyone here. Mostly because the majority of Chinese line up the same way. Which makes me the odd ball out. So really it’s only weird to me. But I need something to write about so here it is.

I was lined up behind two girls when like 3 different people tried to cut. We all know why, that damn soft serve. Anyway the cashier tried to get them to query up better but no one listened. My 2 person wait turned into like 6 and it seemed like no one had made their mind up yet. I bailed. This was going to end one way and that is a 10 minute wait for something that should of took 3 minutes if everyone lined up in an orderly fashion and looked at the menu before they reached the window. But this is China and not everyone is like me..


So… whatever. Next time I’ll get my flurry goodness.


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