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March 20th, 2011 § 1 comment

I have joined the not so elite club of Iphone ownership. I put down a deposit on a New Iphone 4 from China Unicom. Why just get an Iphone 4 now.. Well they just came out here in Sept of last year. Then you had to wait because all the effing scalpers bought them, etc.. So, even if I wait for an Iphone 5 I would have wait till something like Sept. again. If not later. My dictionary on my Nokia blows, and lately I’ve been wanting to study more Chinese.. They best way I am thinking is through the Iphone. Pleco offers some killer dictionaries and what not. Should be a rave.. I’ve also been itching to play some Angry Birds.. So that’s pretty much why I don’t want to wait. I also don’t think that they are really going to come out with anything revolutionary. Think about it. They just sold a S ton of Iphone 4s. Why come out with a bad ass phone when everyone is locked in for two years with At&t and Version… Like the 3G to 3Gs was, I think it will just be an upgrade. The next killer one should be the Iphone 6.. But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Lets look at the fine print.

I get a Iphone 4 Chinese version. There are some issues with maps, and a few other things but for the most part, I don’t care. If I move away from China I can just jailbreak it and restore it to a different version or fix these issues. So for the most part. It’s an Iphone 4.

The way mobile plans work here is different from the States. In fact I like it much, much better. You still are locked in for 2 years but it’s a tad different.

Alright. I am going for the 16GB one. The first one on the left with an orange 0. So I got to pay 5880 元 or about 859 USD. Now before you get your panties in a bunch listen up. This is a 2 year deal. I pay 5880 they give me 245 back each month for my “service.” The service plan is 286 per month. Leaving me to pay 41  x24 or 984 元. For a total of 6864元 or so. So for 2 years service and an Iphone 4 I pay 1,042USD. That’s right folks. I basically get a free Iphone. No wait, I do get a free Iphone, well providing I stay with them for the two years. If not I basically bought an Iphone 4. So really it doesn’t matter.

At At&t an Iphone 4 will cost 199USD plus service for two years, data (2GB) 29.99USD/Month and talk 59.99USD/Month.  2358.52USD Not including taxes, 911 fee, service fee, etc…  Now my plan will be 1,042USD with a 1.1gb plan. If we up it to be as close as we can to 2. We are at a 1.6gb plan and BAM,  1260.48USD. Probably about half of what it cost in the States. And if I want to leave I can. There is no termination fee, although you don’t get your prepaid two years back, so you basically bought a phone. For instance, if you leave half way through, you just bought an Iphone 4 for 500USD. If you stay two years the phone is free. If you bail within the first month, the phone cost you the total amount, 1042USD or whatever plan you opted for.

In a place where there are no subsidised phones it’s not bad. But yes you do lose your ass if you leave early. The phone is unlocked but you can’t use it with another sim. If you do China Unicom locks your account. But you can use it with other sims if you wanted to.

I’m pretty stoked. It will be my first iOS device. Should be cool. If anything it will make me look hip, trendy and in the know.. Everything I always wanted.

I forgot to mention that I asked the dear sweet girl what I needed to bring tomorrow. She replies, money. Haha. I was expecting for them to say bring my passport. But I would rather not have them know that the phone number belongs to a foreigner. I’m secretly hoping that I don’t need to bring it. I probably will just in case. If they ask, I’ll have to give it to them, or rather, maybe I will lie, throw a big hissy fit, blame it on the girl that said just to bring money and then demand compensation like two free phone cases.. That’s what Chinese girl would do… Haha.. Got to get your own here..

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