Everyone is a lawyer.

April 21st, 2011 § 0 comments

First, credit for the phrase “everyone is a lawyer” goes to a friend of mine. You know who you are. Second, in China, everyone is a lawyer, professionally debater, and self preservationist all in one. 

Let me explain. 

I give my workers work all the time and without fail the fight it all the time. The differences about working in America and working in China and the way that a boss is treated.

Boss in America. You don’t talk back to them, you do what they say, and hey, you are buddy, buddy. 

In China. You debate everything that is told to you, say you can’t do it, and it’s more of a slave type relationship. No buddy buddy, and all work. 

Today for example: We had an issue with a finished widget. This was a big issue because the parts to all the widgets are made. So if we put one together and this widget is wrong, we got issues because that would mean that the parts were wrong and we would have to make them over again. To combat this we had to go re examine some parts. These parts were already looked at and QC’d. But again, we and to look at them again to double check. So, I get my part QC girl and we roll over to the part area. I then tell her that we have to look at a random selection of 5%. 

In America; Ok, boss no problem, I understand that I have to randomly select 5% and reexamine them to make sure that they were correctly made. 30 sec later. Uh, ok, good deal. I’ll make It happen. 

In China; why do I have to do this? I already did this? Why do I have to do this again. I already did this. I don’t have enough time. I can’t do this. I got other widgets to look at. I’m so tired. I can’t do this. 5 minutes later. Uh, ok. I’ll do it. 

This is just the way it is. So you deal with it. I fact I have become a pretty good debater. But you can’t just go willy hilly with humiliating workers. You have to finesse them. For instance, hand out new pens and markers and then ask for whatever you need done. Haha. Classic 

There are other things that happen like you need a new widget designed and it’s the workers first time doing it. They will without fail say no. I can’t do it. They will not tell you that it’s their first time. Basically “I can’t do it” is more like code for, uh, this is my first time and I got no idea what the hell I am doing. You get used to this and learn to work with it and ask the right questions. For instance you start asking why can’t they do it and then offer ways to do it. You give them outs and ways that they can achieve the output that you want. Maybe a little debating and a little, why can’t you make this when yesterday you made one almost identical. That usually works. All without making them lose face.

Such is life.

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