Sometimes I need to calm down.

November 5th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

I get all hyped up when people try to pass one over me and tell me what the problem is. They are wrong. For example: Where I am currently they have purchased a 5,000$ printer and a 2000$ printer. The printer place came in a apparently calibrated the printers so that they would print the correct colors. Well, guess what. The big more expensive one doesn’t print worth junk. The reason could be many. The inks changed, a setting, paper changed, etc. The small printer prints awesome. There are two reasons that I am told. It has 4 more inks (8 instead of 4) and it prints slower. The better more expensive printer prints too fast so the colors are bad.

Really people. I know that everyone has been to college, has printer experience, design experience, etc, but lets use some logic. Big printer is more expensive, which may not mean that it prints better but really, you think a global company is going to manufacture crap price it high and sell it. Having more inks only means that the printer can reproduce harder colors inside the color space that the user is using. Yes it will be better to an extent but it won’t be so much better that it will blow your hair back like you are joy riding in a F1 car without helmet. Heck maybe the printer people calibrated wrong.

So it goes. Much like this in China. The machines are rarely the problem but are always blamed.

Oh and the big printer. They still use it. Doesn’t matter to them whether or not the colors are correct. And besides, the customer hasn’t said it is a problem, so, it isn’t. Yet.

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