Hello, that fine looking gentleman is me and my name is Homer. I am a photographer, a (so-so) writer, general all around creative person, and interestingly enough also the fourth, IV. Welcome to my blog. A place where I can share ideas, photographs, words, and a lot of nonsense.

I grew up in a small town in West Michigan. A village of 1,326 people. Oh how wonderful that was. The small town where everyone knows everyone and knows everything. Like most with small town syndrome I spent the least amount of time there after I graduated. I went to college for photography and promptly began assisting at a studio. After a few months came the first move in my life. I decided to move to Vail, Colorado. To pursue my two passions, snowboarding and photography. I lived there for a wonderful two and a half years. I met some of the most awesome people of my life. I also got to check off the list “‘sleeping’” face down on a tile floor and drooling,” but alas that is another tale. I am currently in China doing stuff. A variety of stuff. Mostly I get to do what I enjoy the most. Observing, problem solving, designing, photographing, eating, sleeping, and being a nerd with a interesting sense of humor.

Please direct your correspondence, aka feel free to praise my efforts, to homer (at) pudding and chopsticks . com. I could respond in a timely fashion but that all depends on how big you make my head feel. Your choice.

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  • Miriam says:

    Very funny stories and I’ll definitely come back to your blog. Come visit Beijing!

  • Katie says:

    Wow you are hard to keep up with. Glad to see what you have been up too. Keep up the writing, you have a great novel in the works.

  • Mark says:

    Awesome stuff, Joe!
    You ate DOG!?!?
    Most of my ex-girlfriends are real dogs. Better keep ‘em state-side. Tell more about the brothels :D
    …not that you would personally partake in any of that type stuff… But you must have heard about ‘em(?)
    Really, Joe… dog??
    Be safe,

  • Homer says:

    Mark what up, been awhile. Yeah sorry about the dog. The brothels? Well, I wouldn’t know anything about those. I’m a outstanding man with impeccable moral character. But if for some reason I hear something through the grapevine, I will shoot you an email.. Wink, wink.

  • Jenny T. says:

    Homer, are you fluent yet? My siamese cats want to know if you have met any of their relatives. (hopefully not in a restaurant…)

  • Homer says:

    Um. Not quite yet. Although I can understand a great deal more. It’s kinda freaky. As far as cats go. There are cats here but most look like barn cats. Americans hold their cats a little higher then the cats here.. To each their own.

  • Nicole says:

    Hey there, got a question for you. Why do the Chinese not like tattoos? Some hotels/motels won’t even let you stay there if you have them.

  • provonche, justin says:

    Hello, bro how life outside the u.s fo a?
    You know u should come home and party with a marine. everyone misses you and I shoot a lot of weapons. Give me a call on the weekend numbnuts.

  • Ryan says:

    Hey man….cool blog.
    It actually helps me out a bit in terms of understanding the Chinese.

    I struggle everyday trying to get them to understand the value of challenging ideas and trying to improve. But they just don’t get it.

    I think its Chinese vs Western thinking. For some reason they don’t think like us… due to their education or whatever…. political background….

    anyway your latest blog made me think of something my Chinese office manager told me – that labor/employees are becoming a problem, especially the younger ones. They just don’t want to work, they will work the hours they want to work and that’s it…. they don’t need to be the bread winners in their family… just make enough to get by. It’s creating a shortage at factories and causing delays in shipments…etc.

    A real pain.

    Anyway, nice blog- keep it up and want to read more

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